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About My.serenity

My Serenity provides a marvellous 4D virtual reality calming experience. A unique complex design of the system allows it to combine sound, smell, lighting, and temperature variations controlled by unparalleled proprietary software (imagine a home theatre taken to the extreme). The combination of the multi-sensory experience helps users alleviate stress, relax, regain their concentration, and a healthier mental state allowing them, in turn, to contribute to a more productive work atmosphere. My Serenity can instantly integrate with a smart-speaker that may be found in hundreds of households across North America. The system can be voice-controlled, allowing the user to fully focus on their meditation practice.


What My.serenity do


Alleviates stress


Enhances productivity


Cures anxiety


Multi-sensory experience

Experience the cutting-edge technology

Integration with smart devices

Speakers , light and voice control


Starts with a click of a button
How it Works
How it Works
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Get started

Register online or through the mobile application. A simple step-by-step interface will easily guide you through the setup process.


We will help you to add to your meditation all available devices which help and support your meditation and make it more efficient.

Studies suggest that during the process of meditation, accumulated stresses are removed, energy is increased, and health is positively affected overall. Research has confirmed a myriad of health benefits associated with the practice of meditation. These include stress reduction, decreased anxiety, decreased depression, reduction in pain (both physical and psychological), improved memory, and increased efficiency.

Meditation increases regional cerebral blood flow in the frontal and anterior cingulate regions of the brain increase efficiency in the brain's executive attentional network and increases electroencephalogram (EEG) coherence. A study on the effect of meditation on the executive attentional network found that meditators were faster on all tasks.  With ageing, the brain cortical thickness (gray matter, which contains neurons) decreases, meditation experience is associated with an increase in gray matter in the brain. Meditation decreases sympathetic overstimulation and reduces cholesterol and smoking.

  •   Improving employee wellness.  

Deploying My Serenity at your office will make your team healthier. By installing My Serenity, you help your employees fight burnout, anxiety, and depression.

  •   Assistance in daily meditation.

Whether you have been practicing meditation for many years or if you are only beginning –My Serenity can help your meditation sessions. The immersive experience will become smooth and easy, nothing will disturb you from your practice. With My Serenity you will be able to fully customize your experience and adjust it to match your mood, personality, and preferences.

  •   General relaxation.

Even if you do not practice meditation – My Serenity can be used as a tool to simply relax and take time to recover from daily problems.

"Calm mind brings inner strength and

self-confidence, so that's very important for

good health."

His Holiness,

the 14th Dalai Lama

Who it is for

Stress, anxiety and burnout become more prevalent in the modern age. People who practice meditation to cope with these problems are looking for ways to shelter away from stress factors to focus on their practice.

Burnout and stress have a direct economic consequence for businesses. U.S. companies lose an estimated $200 billion annually on stress-related workforce issues like absenteeism and subpar performance.  Multiple studies indicate that these issues interrupt the professional life of individuals. According to the Mental Health Commission of Canada (MHCC), one in five Canadians experience a mental health problem or illness each year, equating to 500,000 people unable to perform their work due to mental health issues.

with wellness centers

My Serenity can be a new step in elevating a company’s culture. We offer My Serenity for organizations as a part of their employee wellness programs. Companies seeking for ways to decrease absenteeism in the workplace, increase employee productivity and decrease costs associated with stress-related diseases; can benefit from installing My Serenity systems at their offices. Installing the system will increase healthy behavior and curb the risk of lifestyle-related diseases among employees. Enhanced meditation practices will help your employees be more engaged in work, decrease depression, become more adaptable and productive. Studies suggest that companies with mental health programs in place for one year had a median annual ROI of $1.62 for every dollar invested in mental health. For companies with programs in place for 3+ years, the median annual ROI is $2.18 for every dollar spent.


My Serenity offers spa and wellness centers across North America a way to integrate the latest technology into their environment. With My Serenity you will be able to expand the list of services you offer, drive revenue growth, and attract new customers. Our system can be deployed quickly and seamlessly to benefit centers that are located at busy metropolitan areas where customers have limited access to calm and relaxing environments. We offer comprehensive maintenance of installed system at all times of the year, including replacement of all components of the kit, its repair, customization, and adjustment. Introducing My Serenity can make your business more competitive and attractive for more clients.


My Serenity can be installed directly at your household for daily meditation and relaxation practices. If you have a smart-speaker (e.g. Alexa) you may sync it to our system and receive an even better and smoother experience. With a smart-speaker you will receive full voice control of your My Serenity system.


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Mrs. Duong Thi Bao Chau


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Mrs. Ahn Sun Young


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